Men at the Helm

It is rightly said that elders and adults form the pillars of strength for any family and business. This is the philosophy associated with Unity Group where respect for elders and values are given utmost importance. It will not be wrong to say that it was in the guidance and vision of Mr. Roshan Aggarwal, Mr. Suresh Aggarwal, Mr. Shyam Aggarwal and Mr. Ishwar Aggarwal that Unity Group has taken a concrete shape of what it is in the present day. They are the source of inspiration and incitement behind the success of the business enterprise.

Mr. Govind Aggarwal

Mr. Govind Aggarwal is undoubtedly the backbone of Unity Group. His educational background in the field of law and a vast experience of about 30 years proves to be a great asset to his personality and profession. He specializes in administrative and marketing roles and internal control for the group. His convincing nature gives him an edge over all the other successful entrepreneurs. His active participation and support in social initiatives and events clearly highlights his altruistic nature.

Mr. Harsh V Bansal

An enterprising techno-commercial person & leader by virtue, Mr. Bansal is an Engineering graduate. Mr. Bansal has close to 26-27 years of experience in the real estate industry. He is a staunch follower/believer of the principle that great work is performed not by strength but by perseverance. His core strength lies in architectural direction, project execution and construction technology. An avid reader, Mr. Bansal has a very strong business sense & a foresight that keeps him ahead in the changing times.

Mr. Krishan Aggarwal

The amalgamation of both science and commerce, defines Mr. Krishan Aggarwal perfectly as a finance expert. He is a successful business entrepreneur with a foresight that enables him to identify intrinsic potential in business opportunities and transform them into commercial success. He believes in the philosophy that change is the only constant thing in business and hence holds modernization and advancements in technology at the apex of his beliefs and values. He has also taken initiative towards the development of the education sector in India.

Mr. Naresh Aggarwal

A commerce graduate with astute business acumen, Mr. Naresh Aggarwal has about twenty-five years of copious experience in real estate sector. His analytical ability and exemplary vision has taken Unity Group to pinnacles of success. Mr. Naresh Aggarwal is a perfectionist in nature and believes in taking up challenges, and learning and emerging victorious from them. With a passion for travelling, Mr. Aggarwal has always incorporated foreign designing in his own plans and matched all the projects with international standards.

As the legacy has it, the batons of business must be transferred from one generation to the other, the young talented and adroit magnates of the family have also taken the functioning in their own hands. Learning from the extensive experience of their predecessors, they believe in establishing themselves as assets for the organization and inducing the same with their advanced ideas and methodologies.